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Business owners of privately-held companies need not work in isolation anymore! To talk to one of our executives for a free non-obligation assessment of your enterprise’s success kindly get in touch with us today

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Enabling Successful Businesses Since 2004

Unlike business consulting out there, ours is designed to provide you with hands-on and practical advice, and then follow through with implementation of agreed upon plans working with you, the business owner. This is made possible with a worldwide team of over 2000 executives working with companies like yours bringing in specialized skills that you may need or relationships to grow your enterprise to the next level.

Information & Communication

From information exchange to social media to blockchain, IT infrastructure for managing day-to day operations to outsourcing activities we deliver specific solutions suitable and affordable.

Energy & Logistics

At every step in the production, storage, and distribution process, optimum energy used to transform nature’s resources into finished goods and services moves an economic activity along the value chain.

Funding Solutions

We structure funding solutions through private equity or loans that specifically fits your growing needs. Start-Up funding, Growth Capital, M&A, etc depending on your business.

Market Economy to Collaborative Economy

Market Economy rides on the notion of scarcity while Collaborative Economy is about improving quality of existing resources while maintaining economies of scale. The corporate-dominated private sector utilize the current economic system to manage private profit.

Collaborative Economy preserves and enhances the common wealth. Third Industrial Revolution is facilitated more by social capital than by market capital, scales laterally, and is organized in a distributed and collaborative fashion.

Rethinking Information, Communication, Energy & Logistics for SMEs globally

With collaborative platforms increasingly disrupting the existing business models a society’s productive economic activity from a traditonal economic thinking need to be reconsidered. Decreasing marginal costs makes mechanism to produce and distribute goods and services becomes meaningless. The changing dynamism of demand and scarcity is causing a capitalist’s hold over scarcity and ability to profit from another’s dependency.  Thus products and services have use and share value  and the exchange value is being redefined.


90% of our clients yearly margin

Average yearly gross sales of our clients

Our Signature Process

Our Signature Process ICELT(TM) is a patent pending approach used in evaluation of optimum technology and human resources for thriving Small and Medium size companies.

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On-going Professional Support

The pressure on small and medium enterprises to keep going year after year is a challenge for many business owners.

  • Asset protection * Bad debt * Business angel finance * Business planning * Business sale * CE markings * Credit control systems * Culture change * CRM and customer care * Corporate Finance * Grants/loans/Funding * Project management * E-business * Exit strategy for owners * Exporting * Franchising * Health & safety * Human resources * Incentive schemes * Importing & product sourcing * Insurance * Inventions * Invoice discounting * ISO 9000 * Joint ventures * Leasing * Management training * Mergers * Pensions * Private investor finance * Profitability * Sale of business * Venture capital * Technology in production * Human resources * Time management 

10k+ Satisfied Customers

“It was a pleasure working with the staff at Yoel. Their unique consulting approach helped us save money with our existing systems and seamlessly transition to a collaborative platform in my industry. “

John Johnson

“Yoel’s business process simulator worked well with our business numbers and helped us to manage step-by-step growth without interrupting our existing systems. Highly recommend it!”

Janet Simons

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